Thursday, October 13, 2011

During language school, my routine was to wake up and eat breakfast at 7, then walk to school, which ran from 8am to noon. At noon, I would return home and have lunch with my host mom, brother, and all of the children at Rosa’s daycare (which totaled 18-25 on any given day!). In the afternoons, I would either play with the children, head to the small town cafĂ© to study, or take a bus in to Antigua for activities with the school and/or our site coordinator, Marcia. In the evenings I would return home and have dinner with my family. Often, we would play a game afterwards, such as “Uno” or “Loteria” (the equivalent of “Bingo”).

Language school went well. It was, of course, challenging, but I feel that I can adequately communicate here in Xela. People speak very fast here, but I feel that I am making slow progress every day! Once things settle down a bit more, I hope to take a weekly class in order to improve my grammar. I really enjoyed working with my teacher, Carmen. She is a law student who is taking a bit of time off to teach. She has a long-term boyfriend and promised to keep me updated, as they hope to be married next fall! (Below: Carmen and I & The teachers and students goofing off on the last day of school)

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